Sunday, 27 September 2009

Fixed – and broken again

Several non-blog months have elapsed, but work on the crusty old A50 continued to the point where it ran sweetly, got an MOT and did 500 shakedown miles. I hooked up the alternator, repainted lots more bits, fitted head bearings, aligned the wheels, sorted the carb and fuel taps, and discovered that it needed a 35A fuse.

Finally there was nothing left to do but ride it 350 miles to Fee's place in Cornwall to give it back. 30 miles from my destination, doing about 35mph, I hit a series of white-painted rumble strips on the entry to St Blazey near Cornwall. As I was stretching back at the time (the riding position is agony after 320 miles) I didn't have a good grip on the bars and it instantly went lock to lock. I baled out as it flipped full right, and landed on my arm, tearing the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. This injury is not recommended.

The bike was insured via Classic Bike magazine, but CB's owners charge the full cost of the claim to the editor's budget, which is effectively a form of blackmail. If I get it done properly in a shop Hugo Wilson, who is a good friend of mine, will be unable to make his magazine. So I will do the rebuild myself, and CB's costs stay at the minimum.

More on this sorry tale when my arm works well enough to wield a spanner.