Thursday, 11 February 2010

BSA anti-vibration mounts

Rebuilding old Brit tat is an infinitely elastic occupation. Most of this is down to pattern parts, which almost never fit and provide hours of frustration.

For example the headlamp shell had the wrong cable cutout (and flaky paint), the headlamp brackets were different lengths, the speedo cable was too long, the tail light fouled the number plate, a fork top cap didn't screw into the fork leg and the headlamp bayonet connector didn't actually transmit electricity. The little rascals had crimped on the brass contacts without stripping the wires underneath.

So when the anti vibe mount on the tank came up for consideration I decided to make one myself. The rubber mount came from an autojumble stand ('tank rubbers', £1.50). The sleeve (which was a perfect fit) came from the wheel spindle spacers of a TS50 Suzuki.

Four hours with a bottom-of-the-range Clarke welder, a grinding wheel and files and Bob's your uncle.