Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hammerite vs Plastikote

In the course of tarting up various bedraggled bits I tried both these aerosols in gloss black, on surfaces with most of the rust rotary brushed off, and treated with Jenolite, but otherwise unprimed. You'd think the Hammerite would be the best but it seemed a bit thin. Even after four coats you could still see the underlying metal on the edges of the shock mounts, for example. The cheaper Plastikote (c.£6 vs c.£9 for Hammerite) has a lot more covering efficiency.

According to the labels both paints contain enough VOCs to fry the eyes of every baby seal within a 50 mile radius, but Hammerite is far less obnoxious to use. The chemicals coming off the Plastikote make your head swim in seconds. Hammerite also has more of an enamel look to the finish. Plastikote is super shiny – something you may feel is out of place on an old Brit shonker.

The pics show the swing arm  affected by Fee's original Cornish maritime rust, and the same item after a bout of rotary wire brushing and two coasts of plastikote. After a month it's dried rock hard.


  1. You've got to ask yourself if it's all worth it - of course it is. This is environmentally sound re-cycling at its peak. Just think, if it wasn't your efforts that pile of rust would have slid gently to the floor of that Cornish shed and eventually returned its constituant elements to the earth from whence they came. This way it will be able to provide transport for years to come saving the world from the manufacture of at least one cheap Chinese commuter.

  2. This is lovely stuff, but I feel you haven't hit your stride in blog world. Keep them coming. Be disciplined. Be vigilant. Behave.

  3. Garry - are you there ? I think we may need to hi-jack Rupe's blog. Now he's a staffer his noble aim of helping out fellow enthusiast with useful tips has come slithering to a halt. Much has happened to his guest A50 and he's not telling us.