Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What goes wrong with 650 Honda singles

After 30,000 miles and a reported running-out-of-oil incident at some point the bottom end, piston and gearbox seem fine. The rest is a bit of a mess:
– knackered gearshift splines
– worn clutch shock absorber springs
– scored central cam journal in the head
– severe wear on two cam lobes and followers
– coked-up exhaust ports (it was burning oil)
– suspected worn rings (yet to be measured)
– a crack in the cylinder head.
I will explain how I propose to solve these problems, and what it costs, in future posts. For now here are the pics. And clearly I was robbed when I bought the bike for £31.


  1. now - this is coming along nicely. Brilliant pics and the promise of becoming an addictive drama - i look forward to tuning in regularly. Keep the presure on.

  2. I feel that I must have had an early hand in this sorry mess, and for that, I can only apologise. Keep it up Rupe.