Saturday, 23 July 2011


It took a few days to sort out the odds and ends that inevitably arise: frayed carb cable, sticking brake pistons, carb setup and that kind of thing. So far the bike's not gone over 4500rpm out of consideration for the new rings. But it feels absolutely lovely, and handles a treat. So far the cracked head hasn't made its presence felt. Long may it continue. I used Castrol Power 1 after interviewing Matt Symonds, head of Castrol's bike development programme last year at Pangbourne. I am convinced they make some of the best oil available.

Things that have worked:

The rebuilt oe shock (Falcon Engineering)
Carb refurb (JRS of Swansea)
The pattern gasket set (no oil leaks)
The 1989 camshaft and new rockers/followers/sub followers
Five Wheel Steel paint on forks, pillion hangers and swing arm etc
Simoniz tough black paint on footrests and sidestand

Things that haven't:
Hycote high temperature black exhaust paint
The pattern Honda grips (they smell of creosote)

I'll report back in 1000 miles to say whether the engine is still OK.


  1. Top job Rupe!
    I know it's not the point but have you kept a log of the time you've spent on it?

  2. Not really, but I'd say about 150 hours and £1000 over 20 months.

  3. Looking great!
    Been reading this with interest as im attempting to breathe life back into an 88 DR 750 Big, remember them lol!?
    Hope the engine appreciates the love and remians reliable.