Wednesday, 14 April 2010

And so to bed

Or at least, back to long-lost owner Fee Kelly. In a final flurry I screwed the last few parts together, ran it up, left it for two weeks and then, suddenly, a courier going to Cornwall had a space. So off it went...

(cue Monty Python Spanish Inquisition voice)

... with just one small problem. Fee couldn't start it. As this was the original reason she'd given me the bike 14 months before it was a bit embarrassing. It transpired that the soft 'mud' which formed as part of the tank electrolysis had settled on the fuel tap mesh inside the tank, and restricted or blocked the fuel flow. The first you know is that the carb won't flood for startup. I should have flushed the tank out moire thoroughly.

Intriguingly a Classic Bike reader suggested another tank de-rusting process, using a solution of water and black treacle left in for 10 days. Same effect as electrolysis, apparently.

The fuel starvation is a tiresome inconvenience, and may need doing more than once, but 20 minutes will sort it. Sooner or later Fee will find the time.

Next project: a 1990 Honda Dominator I bought for £31. My target is a nice bike for £600.


  1. Hey, that's not my old Dommie, is it Rupe? The one that was a bit of an Emap whore? H123 summat summat summat.

    Sorry to have only joined this blog at the end of the A50 episode, but then I have a nice chunk of backlog to enjoy.

  2. Rupe - The prospect of the Beeza edging its way out of your life over the last few months has been something of a target. Very un-beeza looking in all its glory in your driveway. Frankly I'm absolutely delighted the things gone. Welldone ! MORE 'SHOP TIME !