Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Dommie they couldn't kill

I guess I had better introduce the bike. It's an old hound NX650 Dominator, 1990 vintage, previously owned by three bike journalists, thus proving that I am acutely lazy when it comes to buying bikes. The price, two bottles of wine to Simon Brown of MCN, seemed generous for a runner with an MOT. But actually once I pulled it apart I realised it was a lost cause.

Oh well. Too late for being sensible.

The main trouble is wear and tear, an engine covered in oil, and corrosion. And Simon mentioned that it burned oil. It wouldn't tick over either, which I hope isn't due to a worn carb.

The pics show the bike after about two hours of cleaning.Plenty to do, but it should be salvageable.


  1. Ah, my lovely Dommie. It was very low mileage and in great nick when I bought it in 1995 (?). It was just fantastic for the Northamptonshire lanes. Looking forward to seeing its progress. You can save her, can't you doctor?

  2. life/death decisions are harsh and invasive efforts can surely only be justified on clinical grounds. Because this is a motorcycle (any motorcycle) it obviously ticks all the boxes and no effort will be spared. If, however, it was a scumbag bike thief who'd just broken into your workshop and pinched your son's TY and broken his ankle falling over the welder in the dark - it could of course be put down.