Sunday, 16 May 2010

Suspension linkage gets another shot at life

Instead of working, spent a dreamy afternoon assembling parts onto the newly cleaned up chassis. These pics show how even the most unpromising bits and pieces can sort themselves out. Blasting by Pete at Summit, Paint by Simoniz Three Wheel Steel rattle can, bearings by Dave Silver spares. Unfortunately the four genuine Honda chassis bearings in this linkage were an odd size (24.5mm OD) and thus £73, plus another £18 for the seals. The swing arm bearings, exactly the same thing but 26mm OD, were a tenner for two at Anglia Bearings in Peterborough. The other good source of suspension bearings is Wemoto's website, but they didn't have the full set for the Dommie so I didn't bother this time.


  1. Your blog is now turning into a mine of information - it must be hoped that scores of nervous shit-bike vergins will feel encouraged to have a go. Quite how many "non-runners" per square mile are dotted around the country is a mystery - but you can bet on thousands. Each one re-commissioned represents a great environmentally sound transport solution for someone. MORE REFURBS !

  2. Is this story just too traumatic to continue, Rupe?

  3. Link suspension helps to drive the vehicles flexibly on the road in different directions. Each arm of the suspension has the rubber bushing at its end which helps for the function of the arms. The arms controls the cambers which moves along when the wheel movement occurs in vehicle.